ROll CAll!

Stacy Heikes

Stacy grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She sang in a trio with her sisters from the age of 8, and picked up the violin in junior high school. She played classical music in orchestras and string quartets for the first half of her life, then turned to the "dark" side -- bluegrass, and she ain't goin' back!  Stacy is a wife of 42 years, a mother of 3, and an RN by career. She's addicted to volleyball, racquetball, and cycling, but would save her fiddle first from a burning building. She can't seem to hold still while making's just inside her. She has found her joy!


Those who wish to sing always find a song.   ~Swedish proverb

Dave Jensen

Born in Blytheville, Arkansas and raised in southeastern Virginia, David Jensen is the epitome of southern class. His fiery flatpickinging is heavily influenced by Clarence White, Tony Rice, and Doc Watson. You will rarely see him play without his lucky tortoise shell pick. He cut his teeth in the Washington D.C. bluegrass community. His high-energy playing and strong vocals add a layer of depth and technical expertise. David received a guitar performance degree from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

He enjoys collecting vintage jazz and bluegrass records and has an aptitude for ethnomusicology. His knowledge of folk music is extensive: at jam sessions it is clear that he knows virtually every tune, and when he doesn’t, you still can’t tell.

Dave pic here

Mike Smith

Mike is a Colorado native who has always lived in the northern Front Range area.  He began playing guitar in 4th grade, and got his first mandolin at age 18 when his 3 siblings pooled their money for a birthday gift.  He played only for his own enjoyment until a neighbor suggested he share his talent at church.  That's where he began to bump elbows with other musicians.  He started playing outside of church with friends around 2010.  He likes to ride bicycles and grow Brobdingnagian tomatoes.  Mike and his wife of 26 years have 2 children.

Pete Smith

Pete is a Jersey Boy from a musical family. His hometown marching band hung a brass tuba on his 12 year-old Scottish frame to

march in 4th of July parades before there was "hydration".  After that it was all about the bass.  By 18 he was playing bass guitar on the Playboy Club circuit, when he disappointed his mother by leaving "the cathouse" to become a geologist.  Since then he has been doing his job warming up the planet.  He’s played Jazz Fusion, Persian Pop, Americana and Worship music in the Denver area.  He's been married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years, has 2 children and 8 grandkids.

Wes Tucker

Wes is "just a boy from Oklahoma" whose life's journey has taken him many places.  Colorado has been his home base since 1968 but his career as a missionary has taken him to live and work in Mexico, Germany and France for a total of 23 years.  At age 19, he found a banjo left in a closet by an uncle and first learned to play.  Wherever he went, the banjo went with him, and though most of the places he travelled had no real bluegrass scene, Wes continued to find people to pick with and kept his ear to Bluegrass CDs.  Returning to Colorado permanently in 2004 provided a chance to find others with bluegrass in their blood and eventually led to the formation of Rusty 44.  Wes married his German sweetheart, Gerti; they have two adult children from Mexico and Jamaica.